Do Hospitals Hire an RN Who Has Had a Felony Conviction?


In many cases of minor cases of a felony, you can simply leave it on the management of the hospital.  Never state anything wrong in your profile. Here you should be very precise and only mention it when it is mandatory and be asked from you.

The Profile – The History

This is the first thing that you should do. It is quite possible that if you have a valid license to practice in the medical field you can work in the hospital. But you should be able to know for which profile you are going to apply. In most of the cases for junior profile hospitals, some time gives emancipation.

Well, you can also understand this in another way that it depends on the nature of crime in that you were indulged. The time period is also the biggest factor. Obviously, if you are committed something very serious like drug peddling, violence or anything serious recently, it will reduce your chances. Well for any other cases when you were not mature enough to understand what is good or bad, it is a different thing.

The most important thing that hospital management wanted to make sure is that you are not a threat to the lives of others and discipline of the hospital. In addition, your behavior should be appropriate and professional. Your crime must not be related to work.

Mention it The Right Way

You can simply state briefly about the conviction in the above-mentioned situation where the crime was not related to work, drug peddling or violence. You should also mention that it was many years ago when you were not adult but now you are mature to handle the situation. You should also say this thing in your interview if it is being asked from you. You should say them clearly that you regret about that and now you are more alert and focus on your career.

As far as we know, it’s not easy to get hired by hospitals if you have a dark past. Always have a backup plan. Give this website a try, the opportunities exist there.