Expand Your Employment Search

If you merely check out the old, familiar web job sites, or rely on the newspaper ads, you are severely limiting yourself to the many employment opportunities.

Job Search Sites On The Internet – Now Passe?

While once a great way to find lots of opportunities in selected areas (both in location and specifics of jobs), these sites often still post ads that are over one year old. And yes, that includes major job sites such as Workopolis and JobBoom. There’s nothing worse than searching for your job, seeing over 10 listings/postings, and then finding out over half of them (if not more) are outdated and old.

Many job sites will not even let you see the postings until you sign up. While membership is free, it is very aggravating to find out the posting you thought you coveted is an old entry.

Newspapers – Hard Copy And/Or Online – Still Not The Best

Newspapers are having a hard time just staying afloat, and posting everything to the website is not an option (why pay when you can get it for free online?). The online version for employment ads does not necessarily match the printed version – so you really need to check out both. While at least this medium is current, you do have to check daily for any new job postings that may interest you or be pertinent to your search. An advantage is that the job postings tend to be more local, so you won’t have to worry about the best job being in another part of the country.

Employment Agencies – Good Choice To Start

A good place to start is with employment agencies – they can help you find local jobs that meet your preferred criteria. By talking to a real person, there is the added benefit that they might be able to even think of options for your employees that you had not thought of previously.

Research And Find Companies You Want To Work For – An Excellent Route

One of the best methods is to do your own research. Look around you – where would you like to work? Check out that company. Read all the information posted to the website, if available. Companies may post their own available jobs right on the site – what better way to get work than directly from the company posting? If there is no section for available jobs, contact their Human Resource or Personnel Department. Find out how to apply in a general fashion. Even better, ask for the name of the person in charge of the department/area you want to work. Then call and/or write about a possible job opportunity.

Showing you went looking for them increases your chances of a successful opportunity to prove your potential worth to that company.

Good Searching!