Avoid the Job Search Rollercoaster

Searching for a job can feel like a rollercoaster of rejection. Employers often conclude an interview with the words, “we’ll call you”. Unfortunately many times they never call or follow up. The candidate goes from the emotional high of a positive phone or in-person interview to the emotional low of a call-back that doesn’t come. This rollercoaster effect can seriously undermine the confidence and determination of the most committed job seeker.

Although the job search rollercoaster is a common experience for job-seekers, the negative emotional and spiritual impact can prolong a job search and make it a decidedly unpleasant experience. The buddy system for job seekers can turn these negatives around and help maintain a powerful and empowered attitude during the job search process. Job buddies empower job searching by providing a supportive and accountable environment for both partners.

Good Job Buddies

The buddy system for job seekers is a simple concept. Job buddies are job seekers who provide emotional , intellectual, and spiritual support to each other during the job search process. But beware! There are some very specific qualities needed to make a job buddy a great asset to a job seeker.

Finding a good job buddy might take some time and effort but it will be well worth the work. Here are some tips on how to benefit by establishing a job buddy relationship.

Good job buddies have these three important qualities.

  1. Both buddies have worked in a related industry or have similar career search areas.
  2. They havemutual respect for each other.
  3. They are committed to being a good job buddy.

Similar Career Area

Choosing a buddy with a similar career is an advantage because each buddy’s job search will turn up more opportunities useful to one or both of the buddy partners. Buddies can collect information from employers and job fairs, pass out resumes, and network for each other. A buddy in the same industry and similar career is an asset in finding recruiters both can benefit from, for practicing interviewing skills and also preparing good questions to ask during an interview.

Mutual Respect

Job search buddies must respect each other. One of the benefits of having a job search buddy is their role in lifting the spirits of the job seeker. Mutual respect between buddies creates an environment that encourages authentic and meaningful communication. Through this shared communication each buddy is able to benefit from having someone committed to their success. Mutual respect also enables buddies to refer each other to good recruiters and to introduce each other to contacts. This expands the network of each buddy more rapidly than could be accomplished alone. A good job buddy complements their partner’s job search rather than competing for the same position.

Commitment to be a Buddy

Job buddies support each other through the job search process. It is important that each job buddy be committed to being a good and supportive influence in the partnership. Regular communication, daily or multiple times a week, is essential to help each buddy stay focused and upbeat. Job buddies need to make being a buddy a priority so that they are available for carpooling or meeting at job fairs, debriefing each other after job interviews, reviewing each other’s resumes and follow-up correspondence, sharing company website information, job board postings, and networking contacts. A good job buddy will take their commitment seriously and make it a priority.

Having a job search buddy can make the task of searching for a new job more fun and fulfilling. Use the concept of the buddy system to stay positive, focused, committed, and upbeat during any job search or career transition.